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Anonymous asked:

Oh! And one more thing, (judging by your previous posts) I know heartbreak fucking sucks but even if it feels like hell, it will eventually subside. 10 years from now, you might not even care. (Sorry if this makes you mad or anything; I'm only trying to help) and it's probably not my place to tell you this but in the end, it only makes you stronger and adds to you as a person. Your words are beautiful and I hope you continue to write them because even though I'm shy and stuff I love reading them

look dont be shy

please just talk to me person to person. i hate this anon stuff. please talk to me as people not behind a mask

itll be no different


Anonymous asked:

I am so so sorry you're feeling down. I don't even know you on a personal level, but it makes me sad to see your posts:c I hope and pray things get better for you and that you find happiness in your life. Love from an internet stranger! Xo

im past the point of “gods love”.

besides he just tends to make things worse in my life.

i wish i knew who this was so i might actually be able to talk to you :/

i just want to slip away in my sleep.

i dont want this anymore

i dont want to be here

i want to vaporize into nothing and fade into oblivion.

i want to not exist anymore

i want to disappear

So I learned something today…


We already knew that Winchester was a type of gun, right?image

Yeah well remember these two?image

Dean Smith and Sam Wesson? Well guess what else is a gun company?


Apparently Smith & Wesson even sold their first gun design to Winchester, and after that the Winchester company took off.

And here we see another reason why the writers of this show must laugh at how clever they are every single day.



  1. when someone posts a selfie, LIKE IT/COMMENT (especially if it has no notes)
  2. if someone says they’re sad, message them (on/off anon) just a simple “r u ok? i care about you” can mean so much
  3. dont be a shitty person
  4. never send hate
  5. if there’s a caption, self promo UNDER
  6. send anons when someone asks
  7. be nice
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